The ultimate Italian tomato collection & more!

All tomatoes have approx. 25 seeds per pack (unless indicated otherwise)




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Campadina Rossa Campadina Rossa was brought back on our most recent seed hunting trip. It is a spit resistant, sweet plum tomato.

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Canne Torre This tomato is our  new favorite storage tomato! When stored properly, these tomatoes will last for months. It is a small, round tomato with light pink flesh and a slight yellow blush.  During an incredibly rainy summer, the Canne Torre produced hundreds of pounds of split resistant tomatoes. A must have tomato for any northwest garden!

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Corbarino This rare tomato from the Campania region of Italy may become your favorite sauce tomato. Corbarino is a meaty pear shaped tomato with low acidity perfect for eating fresh, canning or saucing.

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Costoluto di Parma Gorgeous and delicious, “Ribbed from Parma” comes from the region of Emilia-Romagna. This pumpkin shaped tomato is meaty with a classic, old world tomato flavor.


Girasole Girasole, or sunflower in Italian, is a juicy pear tomato that is bursting with flavor!

Isis Candy Colorful, round cherry tomatoes ranging in shades of red and yellow. As the name sugggests, these tomatoes are delightfully as sweet as candy!

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Konare This tomato of Bulgarian origin was recently added to Slow Food’s Ark of Taste. It is definitely a seed worth preserving! It has been grown in home gardens since the 19th century. Truly a monster of a tomato, it has thin skin and sweet, juicy meat. It slices wonderfully for raw eating, but also makes a great tomato for preserves.

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Maremma This is an early producting, old variety from the Tuscany region.  Maremma’s shiny red fruit are small, making them delicious for fresh eating or preserves. One of the heaviest producing tomatoes with exceptional flavor.

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Tondo con Pizzo Delicious Italian variety that grows on a truss. These have exceptional flavor a local restaurant fire roasts these and puts them on the cheese plate. Just a little olive oil and salt goes a long way. Collected in 2018 from a wonderful family in Southern Italy.

Yellow Roma Roma tomatoes are often what you find in grocery stores. They are incredible popular due to their vigor and ability to be used for canning and paste making. This tomato offers all that…plus it’s yellow!



Bistecca Rosa  A very unique pink rose color with good shape and size at just under a pound. Mid size producer but good overall sweet and acid balanced flavor.


Canestrino These are fairly common in Lucca where they are grown specifically for a sauce tomato. Let these get real ripe on the vine and make sauce that day when you pick them, they are out of this world just like from your Grandma’s Italian kitchen.

Chico Bella Garfagnana  One of the two top tomatoes for production and flavor. These beauties ranked high in all taste tests and were producing late into the season. A definite winner and a beautiful rosy color. 16-20 ounce fruits. In the kitchen: They were great for passata and fresh eating.

Corleone (Ribbed) & (Plump) These were found with some super ribbed and some not so ribbed. The gene pools were isolated and kept apart to have a more ribbed version of the Corleone, and as I preferred the more upright lightly ribbed plum. In the kitchen: These broke down very easily and made a wonderful sauce, in the top ten.

Costoluto Fiorentino  “Beefsteak type from Florence” – Red, 12-16 ounces slightly flattened fruit. Outstanding taste. Large vigorous Indeterminate plant with good production. This makes a really nice sauce. 

Costoluto Grossa Tipo Genovese  Another taste test winner. 12 ounces,  red, and misshaped. In the kitchen: These unusually shaped fruits are some of the best when made into a sauce.



Costoluto Pesarese  Ribbed Beefsteak of Pesaro. A ribbed tomato and slightly flattened, marked by obvious ribs and fairly compact, large tomato. Soft flesh and the taste is pleasantly aromatic. Little is known about this micro climate varietal, but it is clear they are a rare variety. Production area: Urbino area of the Pesaro region. In the kitchen: Ideal for salad, best eaten raw. These were chosen best in show at the 2015 PSH tasting.

Cuore di Bue Albenga – “Ox Heart of Albegna” – It was introduced into Europe at the beginning of the 16th century. Also called Ligurian Pear of Albenga. Large variety, ribbed, heart-shaped. Once considered bad, in the ‘80s it began to be appreciated for its special qualities of dry pulp, few seeds, and little juice. The color ranges from pinkish to red-orange and sweet.


Orange Datterino Marchetti  – “Little Dates” – This bright orange tomato has the oblong shape of a date palm, reminiscent of its name desert fruit name. It has a high sugar content that makes it sweet and fragrant, with few seeds and a thin skin. The plant grows in single or double clusters with growing in herringbone formation, each bunch producing 8 to 14 tomatoes.

Enrica Cimelo Toscana One of the taste test winners. Deep blood red paste and passata, great flavor top five!

Evan’s Red Market Plum -Collected in the city of Asti, these pointy 8 ounce red sauce tomatoes with green shoulders are tasty on the vine for a long time. They made a tasty fresh sauce reminiscing of strawberries. Could use some more selection for the shape you want, some were more plum shaped than others.

Ficarazzi  –A strange little 8 ounce tomato with a great flavor, just not that appealing to the eye. These unusual tomatoes usually have stayed in production despite the shape, it’s the flavor that matters for the Italians.


Genovese Cimelo Liguria –One of the highest producing flat round green shouldered with exceptional flavor. The loved the heat and were another earlier and late season bloomer. Good 12 ounce flattened fairly uniform light red. Makes an excellent, flavorful and vibrant red sauce.

Gigante di Rotonda  “Giant Round Tomato” -This ancient variant of the Cuor di Bue, is quite sweet, aromatic, very fleshy, and contains few seeds, the flavor of that of a long lost antique tomato. The color is a beautiful red, even slightly purple, lighter in the ribs and their form can vary from ribbed to almost heart shaped. It contains few seeds, consists of many lobes, the skin comes off very easily from the pulp which is fleshy and abundant, with a sweet note that prevails the acidity and has a distinctive aroma. This tomato size is truly remarkable and can reach up to 3 pounds. In the kitchen: The giant tomatoes are great in salads or served on a bruschetta accompanied by olive oil.

Moresco Cimelo Maurizio Family  A good all around producer, very nice flesh and good for canning and fresh eating. Held up well in the field heat had a thicker skin.

Pera D’Abruzzo This was a great slicer good medium size pear shape with green shoulders. 


Perino Giallo The little yellow pear tomato that got away… These were originally marked as Belmonte until growing out revealed that these were the little misshapen yellow that were mislabeled!


Piennolo del Vesuvio (Red)  One of the oldest tomatoes and most traditional of the Vesuvius region, of oval or slightly plum-shaped with a pointed apex, frequent ribbing towards the stalk and thick skin of ruby red, high consistency pulp, and lively flavor intense and sweet- sour.  

Principe Borghese  Very vigorous plant  the small fruits are arranged in clusters , they have a round drop shape. Grows in clusters of small bright red oblong fruits that dry well, able to keep hanging all winter. Production area is the slopes of Vesuvius outside Naples In the kitchen: Great flavor in sauces and bruschetta.  


Rosa di Benevento (Small ones are called “Tondino”) This tomato has a high concentration of vitamin C and is a compact and sweet variety. By far these were the most productive, every farm should grow these based on production value and flavor! In the kitchen: In Benevento, these tomatoes are prepared (with pureed tomatoes, abundant basil, pecorino, and whipped with mozzarella di bufala cream), in a traditional pasta called “Scarpariello” made with saragolla, an ancient durum wheat flour that dates back to the Middle Ages.  

Rosa di Sorrento  Particular to Sant’Agnello and Piano, it’s a 1 pounder with a round shape to be a light red color fading into pink with green hues. It has a delicious pulp, meaty and compact with a delicate and sweet taste.

San Marzano  The classic San Marzano, small non hybridized and delicious. In the kitchen: The sought after Italian Heirloom for canning.  


Piennolo del Vesuvio (Yellow) Small pointed 1 ounce yellow cherry. One the relatives to the red version, this one originally is from Serbia but grown in heavy production as a drying tomato in Southern Italy. In the kitchen: Love these dried but they are juicy enough for fresh eating in salads.


Amethyst Cream  Cherry size tomato with a golden and purple exterior. Thin skin makes it easy to throw into a salad with minimal prep. Sweet, slightly acidic flesh makes it taste more like desert. Very prolific, produces throughout the entire season.


Blue Beauty – One of the best selections in years. A favorite and well adapted to the Northwest now. Huge loads of beautiful jewels with balanced flavor. Number one in 2017 trials and every year it out performs most.

Auriga – Loads of 3 oz orange saladette tomatoes. They are very sweet and flavorful. A heirloom variety from Russia. Indeterminate.

Amish Mayberry  Sweet and tasty red cherry that also produces some grape shaped fruit. Plants are rather compact. They stay on the vine quite well and are resistant to cracking.

Anna’s Russian  This variety was passed down from Russian immigrants to folks living in Oregon in the 1980’s. Fast growing plants produce quantities of 8-16 oz, ox heart shaped fruit in clusters of 2 or 3 on wispy plants. The flavor is sweet, texture meaty and fruit is quite early.

Black Brandywine From seed collector and food writer, William Woys Weaver, of Pennsylvania. It was passed down to him from his Quaker grandfather’s collection dating back to the 1920s. As to its history, Will states “According to my grandfather, Black Brandywine was a controlled cross between Brandywine and the original brown Beefsteak tomato otherwise known as Fejee Improved.” Fejee Improved is probably extinct.  Great for salsa and cooking.

Black De Barao  Fruits are uniformly oval shaped, smaller size ( 1 x1.5 “). Despite the name, fruits are of mahogany color when ripen, with thin skin, sweet taste and very juicy.

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Blue Marzano Everybody’s favorite pizza sauce tomato..only blue! The Blue Marzano blushes red when ripe, is firm, fleshy and does not have a lot of seed making it an ideal sauce tomato.

Blue Pineapple This multicolored fruit has red marbling through the flesh and is one of the most fascinating tomatoes we have to offer. The flavor is very sweet, the fruit is firm and it has very good yields. 10 SEEDS PER PACK

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Blue Tears One of our favorite cherry tomatoes. Its got vivid blue shoulders on a yellow pear tomato with exceptional flavor. Not to miss!

Blue Sun A selection from years of segregation of hundreds of crosses that Tom Wagner sends me from time to time. These were one of the #1 standouts in all taste evaluations with the seedhouse for year after year. Finally a blue tomato with some flavor!

Black Vernissage  Very productive over a long season. Deep mahogany, striped with green. Like most black tomatoes, the flavor is pleasingly rich, especially tasty in sauces. Smaller saladette type.

Cuban Yellow Grape  One of the heaviest producers, hundreds of sweet little yellow grape tomatoes great for snacking and good split resistance.

Chocolate Stripes  Very large regular-leaf tomato plants yield a plentiful crop of 3-4 inches, mahogany colored fruits with dark, olive green-striping similar to the black zebra. Fruits have delicious, complex, rich, sweet, earthy tomato flavors. A great sandwich tomato and salad tomato.

Dagmas Perfection From the Tomatoville line this was a random cross found by Dagma Lacy and it really earns it name. Its a pounder tomato with some smaller 8 ounce, ivory colored with a pink ribbon in the middle. Overall favorite white colored each year.

Djena Lee’s Golden Girl  Family heirloom of Djena Lee since the early 1920s. Won first prize at the Chicago Fair 10 years in a row! Introduced by SESE 1987. Djena (pronounced “Zshena”) was part Indian and granddaughter of Minnesota financier Jim Lee. She grew this tomato in Minnesota and on moving to Illinois in 1929 gave plants to Reverend Morrow (then 15 years old) who nurtured this variety and kept it alive. Beautiful golden-orange fruits, one of the most appetizing golden tomatoes we have grown. 8 oz fruits. Delicious flavor, rich balance of sweetness and tangy.

Dark Orange Muscat  A nice golden cherry with thicker skin then normal. Pretty good but not top ten.

Egg from Phuket Good Very early producer of tons of small, white-pink, 1 oz egg-shaped fruit.  Holds up for cooking not your average soft tomato. Very interesting.

Franchi Red Pear  Old North Italian variety specially selected by Franchi Sementi. It is a red, pear-shaped beefsteak. An outstanding producer of huge 8-18 ounce very tasty fruit. Great fresh eating. Early for such a large plant. This is not the small pear shaped tomato.

Green Tiger This sweet tomato came in first place during the summer 2018 Tomato Fest Taste Test! The Green Tiger is a long, ovular and green striped tomato that tastes incredible raw or cooked. Very firm and easy to cut, this prolific tomato is sure to be a crowd pleaser!   SOLD OUT

Grandma Aiello  Medium-sized pink-red heart-shaped fruit with tender skin, juicy and delicious. This rare variety was brought from Calabria Italy by Maria Mazzie Aiello in 1929, and has been grown and saved by her family for three generations. Sent to us by Maria’s granddaughter Nicala Aiello.

Galapagos Islands  This is one of two wild tomato species endemic to the Galapagos Islands, and the only one that is edible! This small grape sized yellow-orange tomato was found growing right along the seafront, just feet from the ocean in rocky, exposed and in almost soil-less conditions.

Gill’s All Purpose  A cross between Wasatch Beauty and Pepper tomato, Gill’s All-Purpose was bred in 1947 by the Gill Brothers Seed Company in Portland, Oregon. This tomato really does fit its name, as it is great for canning, juicing, slicing and fresh eating. Outstanding yields of 3-3 1/2 inch deep red fruit with rich tomato flavor.

Gobstopper A splendid cherry tomato with yellow fruits dusted with a green tinge. Nicely sweet, with some complex fruity overtones.

Golden Grape  One of the heaviest yielding tomatoes we’ve ever grown. This cherry tomato bears hundreds and hundreds of golden grape-shaped fruit. The skin is thin while the flesh tastes sharp and tart yet sweet.

Hartman’s Yellow Gooseberry  Believed to be the same yellow cherry as listed by seedsmen since pre-1830s, this was reintroduced by the John Hartman Seed Company. The very long vines bear clusters of 1-inch “Gooseberries” that are sweet, mild, tasty and light golden- yellow in color.

JD’s Special C Tex  Large, cracked, brownish-pink tomato that isn’t much to look at. But it’s one of the best-tasting tomatoes we’ve ever grown. The flavor is rich and sweet, with a fine texture, comparable to Cherokee Purple. Weighs 8-14 ounces. It is believed to be a cross between Brandywine and an unknown black tomato, stabilized by JD Brann of Conroe, TX

Jaune Coeur de Pigeon  A tasty cherry drop shaped orange heirloom tomato from France. A good addition to the cherries you already love.

Kosovo Plants have a slightly willowy leaf growth habit and reach six-eight feet. Their fruits are pink, fleshy, and varying in shape — heart, double-heart, and large, flat shapes — all on the same plant, averaging one to two pounds in weight. A very tasty slicer-type variety. Rated very high each year in the tastings.

Kiss the Sky  An amazing early huge Oxheart variety. One of my standouts for overall flavor and beauty. Obtained from Seed Saver Roberta in Parma Italy.

Livingstone Gold Gorgeous round, canary yellow tomato with thick flesh. Great for snacking fresh, pickling or preserves. An all around hardy and versatile tomato, every garden’s got to have some!

Lucid Gem  This tomato is aptly named, just looking at it is a cosmic experience. Yellow, orange, purple with splashes of black, it is a sweet slicer that is very meaty and has very few seeds. It is beautiful sight to behold and eat, it is marbled inside and out. Selections from Wild Boar Seeds. Don’t miss out on this one!


Matt’s Folly It is a large cherry type with red and yellow stripes. The pedigree is Matt’s Wild and Casady’s Folly. A tom Wagner bred variety.

Marmande The french premier 8 ounce market tomato that is perfect in every way. Hard not to grow this beauty at home each year.

Malakhitovaya Shkatulka The translated name means “Malachite Box,” named after the lovely green boxes that are made from this mineral that comes from the Ural mountains and other areas. This early, light-to-olive green, medium-sized tomato has succulent bright green flesh that is very flavorful and tasty. Plants are productive even in the North, as this variety was developed at Svetlana Farm in Russia, and it has been tested in Siberia!

Mallorquin Smaller plants with regular foliage, medium perfectly shaped pink fruits, with green shoulders 6-8 oz. Perfect market tomato. Collected from Farmer Roberta in Italy. Flavor is very fine and balanced. Keeps very nicely after picking.

Matt’s Wild Cherry  A perfect small cherry tomato with a huge amount of acidity. A great addition to the garden. Genetically linked to wild Mexican tomatoes from the state of Hidago. Indeterminate tomato

Northern Plains This Roma type tomato is great for sauce! It was one of the most split resistant tomatoes during an early September rain storm. Ovular tomato with a pointed tip, smooth skin that is very easy to remove, and of course, very few seeds, making this tomato really easy to work with in the kitchen


Numbo Carino  This tomato is a real crowd pleaser. It is a tiny, fleshy, ribbed tomato that is full of flavor. Don’t miss out on these adorable tomatoes!

Olena Ukrainian Large potato leaf plant from the Ukraine producing good crops of 1-2 lb, smooth, fluted, blemish-free, solid, sweet, pink beefsteak tomatoes.

Opalka  A long, pepper-shaped type with fruits that grow to 4 to 6″ long, clustered in groups of 2 to 5. So sweet and refreshing, it can be eaten straight off the vine, but is highly prized for sauces and canning.

Snow White  Snow White is loaded with sweet fruity flavor with a note of pineapple. Saladette ivory-colored tomatoes that ripen to a pale yellow.

Plum Lemon From Moscow, Russia. Fruit is pointed on it’s ends just like a lemon with solid meat, almost like a paste tomato. Perfect tomato for salads, tomato sauce or even a wonderful yellow paste.

Pink Boar Sweet juicy fruits perfect for slicing in salads.. Deep pink skin is stunning with contrasting olive stripes and luscious deep red flesh. An irresistible treat for chefs and farmers markets! From the Wild Boar series; bred by farmer/breeder Brad Gates.

Persimmon  An old fashioned heirloom that dates back to the mid-1800s that is adapted to short-season gardens. One of the best-tasting yellow-orange tomatoes. Huge 1 pound beefsteak fruits.

Red Fig They have been grown in America since the 18th century. The Red Fig is an heirloom tomato named for a sweet delicacy that was made with this tomato and popular in the mid 1800s. Historically they were dried and packed away for winter use in substitute of figs.

Red Peach  From Russia. Tomato that looks like a miniature peach. Probably the sweetest tasting of the Angora tomato varieties.

Rio Grande  The University of California developed this variety to thrive in hot, humid weather; the USDA received the final product in 1994. Gardeners in southern regions appreciate this excellent tomato as one of the best paste tomatoes available for hot climates.

Red Rock This is an heirloom paste that we have loved for years. Medium smooth round fruits have no blemishes and are very productive.

Rosalita  One of our favorite small pink cherry tomatoes, best for fresh eating. Best choice for a pink cherry with full flavor. Indeterminate

Russian Lime Beautiful Russian heirloom yields bell-shaped, 2 x 3-inch, lemon-yellow, plum-shaped, meaty tomatoes with a pointed end and few seeds. Produced in clusters . In the Kitchen: Great for a flavorful yellow tomato sauce!

Roughwood Golden Plum  A William Woys Weaver collection. “The paste with the taste.” This tomato took William ten years to stabilize. it is a cross between “Yellow Brandywine” and “San Marzano”. The fruits are 3-4” in length. Nice and meaty!

Sheboygan – Grown since the early part of the 20th century in Sheboygan, Wisconsin by Lithuanian immigrants. It is a 4-6 oz. paste fruit that is good fresh or for canning. Its strong flavor is similar to other heirloom varieties rather than paste tomatoes. It has a nice complex flavor and great balance.


Sweet Tooth– Red and green striped oblong roma type fruit. It is sweet and robust, making it great for eating fresh or transforming into delicious sauce. It is a unique shape with great production value. From the Wild Boar series; bred by farmer/breeder Brad Gates.

Tangerine Tangerine is a bright orange beefsteak tomato that makes an excellent slicer. Its sweet, complex flavor is highly sought after in farmer’s markets.

1932 Burpee Seed Co says about Tangerine Tomato…
“This new main-crop tomato is as outstanding in quality as it is in appearance. The fruits are large and heavy, measuring 4″ in diameter. The are as deep as they are high and inclined to be somewhat angular. the thin skin is a beautiful rich orange-the color of a fully ripened tangerine. The flesh is mellow golden yellow of appetizing appearance. The flavor is delightful-rich and tasty, of a sub-acid piquancy that stimulates the appetite. The vines make abundant growth.”

Tatar Of Mongolistan  We could hardly resist growing this strangely shaped tomato, which has taste appeal in addition to a very fun name. The fruits are flattened in shape, somewhat like those “UFO” peaches you see in the produce section. 4 ounces with green shoulders.

Violet Jasper They have pretty violet-purple fruits with iridescent green streaks! Fruits weigh 1-3 ounces, are smooth and have good tasting, dark purplish-red flesh. This variety will also amaze you with its yield: it’s not only high, but incredibly high!

Yellow Fuzzy Boar Round, fuzzy yellow tomato perfect for snacking on while out in the garden or slicing for a salad. Beyond the yellow and white striped skin is juicy, bright yellow flesh. Yes, it really does have soft skin! From the Wild Boar series; bred by farmer/breeder Brad Gates.

Yellow San Marzano  Much like the Russian Lime but larger bell-shaped, 2 x 5-inch, lemon-yellow, plum-shaped, meaty tomatoes with a pointed end and few seeds. Produced in clusters . In the Kitchen: Great for a flavorful yellow tomato sauce!

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