Classes and Events

We hope to hold some 2021 events. When we know its safe we will book some fun events for everyone. Stay safe and garden everyone!


18th – Northern Italian Farm Dinner


Join the Portland Seedhouse, Slow Food and Gather and Feast farm in hosting an exclusive seed to plate Northern Italian regional dinner.

The menu will be focused on Italian vegetables collected from around Northern Italy and

at the Slow Food Terra Madre in 2014 by the Portland Seedhouse. Dozens of trials and tastings since has had us searching to find the best ones to highlight in this dinner. Tomatoes, beans, garlic, squash, celery, carosellos and many more varieties that you have not tasted in this country.

By supporting this event funding will go to the Seedhouse for searching for more Slow Food Ark of Taste varieties in the southern regions of Italy this September. Jacob Harth from Bar casa Valle will be cooking a spectacular 7 course meal with a blend of Northwest and regional Italian favorites highlighted throughout the dinner.

Wine and beer pairings throughout the dinner will be provided.