The Seedhouse

The Portland Seedhouse was founded in 2014 in Portland Oregon, where it maintains a diverse seedbank of culturally significant varieties with remarkable flavors and stories.

20170901_200111We find and breed rare, diverse and resilient seed varieties for farmers, gardeners and seed savers.

Our seeds are adapted to the Pacific Northwest but do well elsewhere.

We dont sell (F1), patented or genetically modified seeds (GMO’s). All of our seed is grown free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

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And in selected retail stores throughout the US!

Limited Preseves

From time to time we offer some of the exclusive varieties prepared in many cultural traditional ways from Evan’s travels.

New flavors coming in March are Bergamot Persimmon and Granny Smith Oregon Kiwi berry

This Month


Tromboncino Preserve

An heirloom family recipe that was acquired while travel North of Turino in a small village of Cumiana, Italy. Just the best jam for just about every occasion, is savory and sweet with hints of chestnuts and an autumn breeze.

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Oregon Kiwi and Meyer Lemon

Two of our favorite fruits that no one thinks we can grow up in the Northwest but yes we have some really good kiwis and lemons here! Put them together and you get a sweet marmalade of flavors that melt in your mouth.


SOLD OUT** New flavors coming soon




Hoshigakiarkoftaste logo

Hoshigaki are persimmons that are peeled and dried whole over a period of 6 weeks through a combination of hanging and delicate hand-massaging, until the sugars contained in the fruit form a dusting that looks like frost. Unlike sliced dried fruit, which tend to be brittle and leathery, hoshigaki are tender and moist, with concentrated persimmon flavor. The hoshigaki method is traditional to Japan, and came to America with Japanese American farmers. Because they are so labor-intensive, hoshigaki all but disappeared from commercial production. They are a Slow Food Ark of Taste cultural food that is need of preservation.