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60 days summer squash, 90 days winter squash. Also known as zucchini rampicante although, unlike other zucchini, a moschata. Tender, mild, sweet and nutty when harvested as summer squash at 8–12”. Delicious steamed, grilled or sliced raw in salad. Italians use it in gnocchi and to stuff ravioli. When the green-tan fruits grow very long, they are best baked as winter squash.

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  1. Lori Bennett

    Superb dual purpose! Firm flesh as either ‘summer zucchini’ or long storing ‘winter squash!’ I’ve grown them the past 4 yrs & they continues to amaze. In 2020 I let one hang from trellis till November. Super heavy & thick, since I’d hand pollinated it for seed & let ‘grow out’ a long time, I then let it sit indoors all winter. When I shared a few lbs of it’s meat in April ’21 my neighbors raved about it’s sweet flavor ~ to rival pumpkin whether roasted or stir fried. No signs of degradation from storage~ I highly recommend! Dense flesh great for grilling also!

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