barleyPurple Karma Barley Collected in 1924 by an American visiting Tibet, this heirloom variety of hulless colored barley was brought back to the United States and tucked away for many years in the USDA Seed Repository in Idaho as PI 60205. Pat Hayes of Oregon State University heard about this grain from his colleagues Victoria and Tom Blake at Montana State University, who had named it “Karma.” Tom Hunton, of Huntons’ Farm, saw Pat’s test plots, liked what he saw, and increased seed stock of Karma at his farm in Junction City. 1oz. $4.00btn_cart_LG

Sweet Lorane Fava  An exceptional feat in natural plant breeding, this small-seeded fava is extremely cold hardy and well adapted to being grown as a winter cover crop but boasts the flavor and size of an eating fava. A perfect combination– especially for the home gardener, now we can have our cover crops and eat them too! The flavor is much less tanic than cover crop favas and tastes like a chickpea when eaten fresh!  25 Seeds $4.00


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