MassaFrassese_20150727_172616-01.jpegSeedhouse Grex Carosello These Italian cucumbers were given to me by Roberta, a seed saver friend in Parma, Italy. They were given to her by a local grower who grows outside of Parma. The carosello and the rogue of the species Cucumis melo L., which represent two types.

Cultivation is widespread in Puglia, some estimates speak of about 200 acres and goes back several centuries ago. Originally from Asia Minor, also cultivated in N. Africa, Egypt, Syria, Israel.  The young, week-old fruits are used as cucumbers.  Between the two World Wars they were on sale in markets in Turkey, but are now being replaced by Cucumis sativus cultivars. These were intentionally crossed with each of and saved only the most flavorful and productive varieties. These are rare in the US, 25 seeds per pack.



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