Double Red SScreen Shot 2020-03-26 at 6.43.39 PMweet Corn This corn is red, inside and out! It will make for the most colorful tamale wrappers and will definitely be the most interesting corn on the summer BBQ. Delicious and sweet when eaten fresh, but can also be dried for storage. You can expect 1-2 ears on it’s 5-7′ tall stalks. Watch out, it will turn your fingers red as you enjoy it’s juicy kernels!


Red Floriani  Grain corn is a terrific crop for homesteaders who want to grow their own staple crops, and it’s productive enough to be rewarding even in urban gardens. You can grow corn anywhere in the continental United States, and it’s easy for any household to harvest, store, and process it into flour and cornmeal. $4.00 (50 Seeds)  btn_cart_LG

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