Dente di Morto di Acerra- These Cannellini dry beans, which flourish in the volcanic soil around Acerra (Naples), have a thin, almost imperceptible skin and cook quickly, virtues that have become fixed over time thanks to their cultivation in volcanic, nutrient-rich soil.  ***SOLD OUT***



Di Casalbuono Panzariedd- Rounded, dry and fresh shelling type, slightly oval shape and a half white – half beige color sometimes very intense until reaching a dark burgundy color).  ***SOLD OUT***



Stortino Lucca – Collected from Nico Biologic outside of Lucca, this shiny black dry little bean was a surprise coming out of the pod. A staple in Lucca the few varieties that they grow have been in the families for generations. Bush type 5” pods are compact and store nicely picking late into the season. Very hardy and disease resistant in the Northwest.
***SOLD OUT***