New 2021 Seed Release

2022 RELEASE OUT SOON! OVER 50 new varieties!

All tomatoes are $4.00/pack and have approx. 25 seeds per pack (unless indicated otherwise)


Agi Red

Agi Red Agi Red is a oval red saladette-type tomato with yellow stripes. It has amazing flavor, bred by Fred Hempel at Artisan Farm. This is variety that is an F2 and will segregate. A quarter of the plants will be green when ripe.

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Alice’s Dream

Alice’s Dream A real winner in the garden. One of the top ten tomatoes from 2020, an amazing The breeder is Zbigniew Pawluczuk, in the Poland seed company tomatoeden, “Found by me in 2015 an accidental cross between Blue Gold and an unknown Indigo tomato. Very productive, indeterminate.” Super high anthocyanin deep black fruit with yellow core with red veining. TOP TEN 2021


Amish Paste The classic best selling paste tomato with great fresh eating qualities as well. Tom Hauch of Heirloom Seeds commercialized this variety in 1990. It was acquired from the Amish near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Aunt Ruby’s German Green Old heirloom from Ruby Arnold of Greeneville, Tennessee. Originally brought to the Seed Savers Exchange in 1993 by Bill Minkey of Darien, Wisconsin. Sweet juicy beefsteak with brilliant green flesh with a nice acidic bite. Harvest when yields to the touch and yellow-green in color. Indeterminate

Black Beauty World’s Darkest Tomato! A dark, meaty, very rich-fleshed tomato with extreme anthocyanin expression. Flavor is super rich and fine flesh. Indeterminate

Blue Pear Bred by Ruslan Doohov, one of Europe’s premier breeders. Super prolific tomato, showed the best flavor and super excited to introduce a large blue pear shaped tomato into the US marketplace. Not to be missed in the garden for 2021! TOP TEN 2021

Bosque Bumble Bee This beautiful golden gem develops a deep purple color as it grows. It is a small tomato, slightly larger than a cherry tomato, but is a real crowd-pleaser in a salad. Indeterminate growth that is a prolific producer of fruit.

Borgo Celano Produces little SUPER pointy cherry shaped fruits like vesuvio in red that are meaty and balanced in flavor more than sweet, an excellent cooking and pickling tomato. These are from the small town of Borgo Celano a province of Foggia, about 100 miles North of Bari on the East Coast across from Mt. Vesuvio.

Blue Citrus Tomato Delicious, colorful and acidic tomato!

Brads Atomic Grape Elongated, variable-sized cherry tomatoes grow in clusters, displaying an amazing array of colors lavender and purple stripes, turning a rainbow of olive-green, red, and then brown/blue stripes when fully ripe.

Brandywine Sudduth Strain Aka. Pink Brandywine, this variety has an deep rich, wonderfully concentrated tomato flavor. A beefsteak tomato that produces big pink fruits, which grow up to 2 pounds, this variety was accessed by tomato collector Ben Quisenberry of Big Tomato Gardens from Dorris Sudduth Hill, their family grew it for over 100 years. Indeterminate. Slow Food Ark of Taste variety

Burbank ‘Burbank Slicing’ was developed by Luther Burbank around 1915, apparently some say he only grew one variety for canning. The vines are determinate plants that yield heavy crops of medium-sized 2 to 3-inch, red, round slicing tomatoes. Very impressive yield, complex flavors with a balanced acidity. Tested very high in amino acids at the World Tomato Society. A dependable tomato. Determinate. Slow Food Ark of Taste variety

Cherokee Purple A deep, dusky-rose color while maintaining a greenish top. The rich crimson interior and clear skin combination give it its distinctive coloring. Passed down from JD Green. Green explains that he received the seeds from a nearby woman who had gotten them from her neighbors. The neighbors had been allegedly been growing the tomatoes in their garden for about 100 years after they had initially been shared with them by Cherokee Indians. Slow Food Ark of Taste variety

Clementine As the name suggests, this is a small orange colored tomato. It is a fast producer that is ideal for short summers. Sweet and tart, just like a clementine!

Damascus Steel Now that is a pretty tomato. A cross between Purple Dragon X Striped Sweetheart. Great flavor and good production for a blue tomato.

Djenna Lee Golden Girl (ROUND STRAIN) An heirloom in Djena Lee’s family since 1921. This is the original round strain. Djena (pronounced ‘Shena’). In 1929 she gave plants to her young friend, Reverend Morrow, who has sustained the variety. Produces 8-10 oz., deep flavored, round, perfect fruit with a vibrant golden-orange color. The sweetness is balanced with the acidity flawlessly. TOP TEN 2021

Giant Syrian A huge tomato that doesn’t lack on flavor, this family heirloom from West Virginia bears a huge crop of 1 lb, heart-shaped fruits. The pinkish red globes are juicy and sweet with few seeds, great for slicing, sauce, and canning. Indeterminate.

Great White Blue HISTORY: “Great White Blue” is a segregate of a cross of Great White Beefsteak x OSU P20 made by Stéphane Marier, Canadian breeder from Quebec, and owner of Solana Seeds. Sizes will vary you can select for larger or smaller ones in this mix. TOP TEN 2021

Green Bee Bred by Artisan Seeds these crunchy cherry tomatoes never soften, they do ripen, and when ripe the flavor is sweet and tangy with hints of citrus and tangy plum.  When fully ripe a yellowing will occur, a wonderful variety that will hold late into the season.

Inciardi From Slow Food, “The Inciardi name comes from Henry Inciardi, a Sicilian immigrant who brought the variety to the United States in 1900. Fearing that the authorities at Ellis Island’s immigration center would confiscate the seeds, his family sewed them all into their clothing. Since that time, it has always been grown in the area of Chicago, in the northern central part of the country. The tomato’s seeds have been shared by the Inciardi family with local residents who today maintain this variety and its seed supply.” This tomato is remarkable for its wonderful, full tomato flavor, for its full body when it is cooked down into a puree for sauce. ***SOLD OUT***

Kryptonite One we are really excited to have in the collection. From our friends at Wild Boar Farm another beautiful tomato release. Best said by Brad Gates the breeder, “Kryptonite is a truly exotic-looking tomato that blends the deep blue of anthocyanin with green and yellow flecks.” Flavor that is rich and complex, yet refreshingly tangy.

Marin orange This is a fun one. We always are on the hunt for good tomatoes and when we saw this one at the Arcada farmers market it made the wow factor! A stunning highlighter orange with a mild acid base but nice beefsteak flesh. A show stopper in the garden.

Marzano fire A beautiful cross of the traditional San Marzano tomato but add a little American flair. It has gorgeous yellow stripes running down the sides creating a stand out in the garden.

Orange peach A chance cross in the fields of James Weaver led to this exciting new variety. Believed to be a cross of Mini Orange and Yellow Peach, which is an old French variety that was once used to make a very passable “marmalade.” The fruits are orange, range from golf-ball to tennis-ball size, and are very sweet and texturally flavorful. The fuzzy skin, reminiscent of a real peach, mouth watering yum!

Persuasion Another from Wild Boar Farm, released in 2015. Red super dark colored with multicoloring in the stripes and varying anthocyanin influences. Very, very good flavor, sweet almost jammy and juicy.

Prezident Highly productive heirloom tomato from Russia, one of the few imported varieties that have been made to the State Register of the Russian Federation for cultivation in the open field in the private farm. Well balanced big fruit with old-fashioned rich, sweet flavor and nice tomato aroma. Originally Tomatoeden.

Purple Karma The KARMA project.  “A collaboration between Canadian breeder Karen Olivier and Marsha Eisenberg of Florida. Working together, they did growouts of a cross between Ambrosia Gold Cherry X Captain Lucky. A potato leaf cherry, producing dark purple fruits. Deep purple in color with the green shoulders often seen in purple/black tomatoes. It is very disease resistant and produces like a tank. Exceptional taste and the sugar levels were through the roof.” Secret Seed Cartel

Sicilian Godfather The seeds for this Italian Oxheart tomato which was originally from our friend Tim Mountz from Happy Cat Farm in PA, who also is a market gardener. He got the seeds through an Italian American Family in Wilmington Delaware. Sweet heavy fruit set went well into all sauces especially those with Italian sauces. The fruit was so heavy the vines could barely hold on to them. A fantastic great producer with superb flavor.

Striped Cavern Stuffing (Schimmeig Stoo in German) Indeterminate. We love the versatility of this tomato. Introduced by Tom Wagner in 1983, this variety is great for stuffing and is a great addition to any tomato lovers collection. We love stuffing these with cheese and basil or baking an egg in to start our day. Very attractive and fun!

Taste patio Semi-Determinate. This was one of our favorites from the 2020 season and another winner from breeder, Fred Hempel. It was extremely high-yielding, with juicy and tangy fruits coming off by the basket full. This productive tomato would do great in a container garden since it is compact and bushy. Patio Perfect! TOP TEN 2021

Thornburn’s Terra Cotta – Indeterminate. A truly beautiful tomato! This is what you might call a classic beauty in the tomato world. First introduced by James Thornburn in 1893, it has thankfully stood the test of time from Dr. William Woys Weaver’s collection. This tomato has exceptional flavor and a unique soft terracotta coloring. A great slicer but makes an equally wonderful sauce, making a vibrant pumpkin orange color that is slightly salty. TOP TEN 2021

Ussuri tiger – Indeterminate. We love adding new varieties to our collection that are both flavorful and juicy. The additional health benefits from the increased anthocyanin levels add to the beauty of these high-yielding fruits. This little yellow tomato has streaks that radiate off the shoulders, often giving it appearance of tiger stripes. Puuuurfect! TOP TEN 2021


All peppers packs have 10 seeds

Yellow Jimmy Nardello A stunning find in the fields at Gales Meadow Farm in Forest Grove, Oregon. A yellow version of the amazing Italian Jimmy Nardello frying peppers. These pack pack flavor into next week! We used these to balance rich deep the flavor in the Crillio Sello hot sauce we made this season.

Caribe Collected from the Native Seed Search in Arizona. The Caribe is a Native chile of Southern Chihuahua, Mexico. They ripen from green to red and have a super strong heat extremely hot like a habanero. Associated with Tarahumara and Tepehuan communities. 20% of sales will go back to the Native Seed Search to promote their seed programs. $6 PER PACK

Napoli A gift received in Naples in 2016, a super flavorful 1-3 inch pepper with nice heat balanced and building not much upfront. In Italian lore, supposed to bring luck into the household in ristras only if gifted.

Wenks Yellow Three-inch long wax peppers with nice thick walls, they ripen from yellow to bright orange then red. Grown by the late Eris Wenk, one of the last large truck farmers in Albuquerque’s South Valley. A great variety for canning and pickling. Medium heat.

Sheepnose Pimento An Ohio heirloom from the family of SSE member Nick Rini dating back to at least 1940. Tremendous flavor with a super unique sheepnose shape.

Martin’s Carrot Super rare carrot-shaped fruits grow to 1-3 inches. Smoky hot flavor that makes an incredible hot sauce. We have the hot sauce on the website as well.

Criollo Sello One of the amazing yellow fruity Aji’s. These are some of the most flavorful peppers on the planet. They really hit the spot to a kicked up level. Good hot heat. Great in anything these are in one of the hot sauces from the season as the star. Super productive even in cooler climates.

Criolla de Cocina This Pepper originates from Nicaragua. It is a unique variety in the it is a sweet pepper that looks like a huge bell pepper crossed with a habanero. They are thin walled and have the richest flavor of ANY sweet pepper! And productive…one plant can produce dozens of peppers.

Diavochino A RARE find in southern Italy, the lucky devil pepper, literally translates into little devil pepper. Very unique rich flavor the hot sauce we made with these was like any color ever, a deep blood red color so deep we have never seen that color come out in a hot sauce.

Balik Bright red fruits at maturity, super crunchy, great to cook with make for great stir fry and pickles. Very good harvest in Oregon, pretty prolific. Balik literally translates to the word fish since the pepper kind of look like a bloated shape resembling a fish.

HinkelHatz Named by its Pennsylvania Dutch growers, the Hinkelhatz is a rare heirloom pepper which translates to “chicken heart,” a description of its size and shape. Traditionally made into a vinegar based hot sauce which we tried this year and was fantastic.

Black Hungarian Gorgeous jalapeno-shaped purple peppers mature from bright green to nearly jet black, and finally to intense scarlet red. Pick at any color flavor is good throughout.

Purple UFO This one is out of this world, and might be from outerspace. Many growers that have been growing for decades have never seen this one. Super rare almost impossible to find especially in a market. Good spice level with mild fruity level and not to mention the hit of the party. $6 PER PACK

Lemon spice jalapeno A super beautiful pepper a rare one to add to the collection. This jalapeño is bright yellow at maturity. It has thick flesh and spicy flavor like the Early Jalapeño, but a lot more heat and good jalapeño flavor!



Makah Ozette Potatoes The Makah occupy the region around Neah Bay, Washington, that is the most northwesterly point in the United States. Tribal lore reported that this potato had been used by these people for about 200 years. The Makah had named this potato the Ozette after one of their five villages located around Neah Bay. 20% of all profit goes back to putting these potatoes in the hands of the Makah community . $10 per pound

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