Farm Consulting and Speaking

Do you have a small farm or garden?  Are you just starting out? Have you been established and looking for other sources of income on your property or help with social media? Are you looking for recipe help with value added products? We can help you create income streams on your land. Over the past 15 years we have worked with food businesses, bed and breakfasts, numerous farms and with many different needs throughout the Willamette Valley and Washington.ami

We provide a wide range of services including, pasture management expertise, including:

  • Pasture improvement
  • Grazing design for management-intensive grazing
  • Developing a year-around grazing program
  • Multi-species grazing
  • Structuring a sustainable business
  • Conservation breeding
  • Detailed crop planning and record keeping
  • Cultivation – both hand and tractor systems
  • Crop rotations – setting up rotations for improved production
  • On farm education programs
  • Value added product creation
  • Propagation, planting and seeding, seed saving planning


For most assessments, a four hour rate of $250, is the first step.  There are some projects that are done at an hourly rate. After that initial consultation you will have a better grasp about where you are wanting to go next with your project.

Speaking lectures at universities, conferences, workshops, classrooms and private groups/clubs are negotiable.