The Italian Tomato

  While traveling in Italy, funny things happened to my knowledge of tomatoes. Two things particularly, the first was the unexpected regionalization of the vegetables and especially in the tomatoes. The second was what Italian tomato names represent to us in the states. Ill explain both a bit further. My trip to Italy started like …

Interesting article on seedbanks

Interesting article on seedbanks all over the globe. Who has the largest collection of veggies? The world's largest public vegetable germplasm collection, the AVRDC Genebank holds more than 59,500 different germplasms from 156 countries. The AVRDC does. Read on...Seed Bank Article.  

Hello seed friends!

Lots of special posts about food travels to Italy and the Portland Oregon food scene. The focus is seeds, the networking, culture, sources, breeding, collecting, saving, educating and sharing. Join us.